Welcome - Join us for Sunday Worship at 10am at the church.
(Corner of Eastern Road and Quarry Street.)
Who is Jesus

Coming Events

  • Friday 17 August - 3:30 pm - The Chain: Saturn Sports Strathalbyn Christian College, 15 Cedar Cres, Strathalbyn WA 6530, Australia
  • Friday 17 August - 6:30 pm - "Train Your Parents" Seminar
  • Saturday 18 August - 1:00 pm - Marriage Seminar
  • Saturday 18 August - 12:00 am - Creation Club Strathalbyn WA 6530, Australia
  • Sunday 19 August - 10:00 am - Sunday Worship Geraldton Baptist Church
  • Tuesday 21 August - 9:30 am - Pearls: Geraldton Baptist Church, 46 Quarry St, Geraldton WA 6530, Australia

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Chain Junior Youth

“The Chain” is a junior youth group that meets weekly on […]

Sunday Worship

Sunday 10am

Kids Church & Crèche

Start during morning service during school term.

Life Groups

These life groups to build our connection with Jesus and each other.

Creation Appreciation Club

Meets monthly out and about

Transformus Youth Group

Fortnightly ‘Youth Group’ 6:30-8:30pm for Year 7 up

Christian Surfers

In Geraldton we provide a surfing environment with positive & encouraging role models for young crew to look up too.