Welcome - Join us for Sunday Worship at 10am at the church.
(Corner of Eastern Road and Quarry Street.)
Who is Jesus

Coming Events

  • Friday 20 October - 3:30 pm - Chain Youth Group - Back to the Wild West Strathalbyn Christian College hall
  • Saturday 21 October - 12:00 am - Creation Club: Garden Fun Day
  • Sunday 22 October - 10:00 am - Sunday Worship Geraldton Baptist Church

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Sunday Worship

Sunday 10am

Kids Church & Crèche

Start during morning service during school term.

Life Groups

These life groups to build our connection with Jesus and each other.

Chain Junior Youth

“The Chain” is a junior youth group that meets weekly on […]

Creation Appreciation Club

Meets monthly out and about

Transformus Youth Group

Fortnightly ‘Youth Group’ 6:30-8:30pm for Year 7 up

Christian Surfers

In Geraldton we provide a surfing environment with positive & encouraging role models for young crew to look up too.