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New Youth Group

Posted: 11 hours ago

With the conclusion of Midwest Church of Christ (MCOC) as an operating church in Dec 2016 the Chain Youth Group (years 3-6), will be coming under the banner of ministry at GBC.
Sarah and Murray being the bridge of support and mentoring for Lachlan as the transition is made. Lachlan plans to fellowship at GBC as do a few others from MCOC. Please be praying for the wider group as they find a spiritual home to belong to and utilise their gifts in.

Service Coordinator

Posted: 11 hours ago

Merrilyn is now the church service coordinator, replacing Sharon. Sharon will continue to be involved in the music ministry through service leading etc. Thanks to Sharon for leading that team for the past year or so.

Safe Church Administrative Officer

Posted: 11 hours ago

Shaun K has been appointed as the Safe Church Administrative Officer. The role is to ensure that, together with the Safe Church Reporting Officer (presently Craig Palmer), Safe Church policies are developed and implemented for Geraldton Baptist Church thus providing a safe church environment.

Sell Hope

Posted: 5 days ago

Jeremy Rice's sermon from 8th January is now available on the web site.
Jeremy is involved with Baptistcare and currently a hospital Chaplain.