What would I ask Jesus to do for me?

Ridiculous Questions

No doubt you have heard some really ridiculous questions. Like being at the shops with your child who has a plaster cast on their arm and a shopper says, Has he hurt his arm?
It is like being at the check-in line at the airport and an acquaintance on spotting you says, Are you travelling?
Or how about getting home after a funeral. You pass the time of day with a neighbor and comment that you have just been at Ned’s funeral. And the neighbour says, Oh is Ned dead?

We have all heard such foolish questions, and probably asked some too.

In Mark 10 we have an example of what seems to be a ridiculous question. Jesus is passing by and a blind man called Bartimaeus calls out, Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me! And Jesus replies: What do you want me to do for you? (Mk 10:51).
Pretty obvious one would have thought. So what was the point of the question? This morning we will look a little more closely into this. The question which emerges is, What would I ask Jesus to do for me.

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