Baptist World Aid Workshop


Baptist World Aid Australia work is about showing Christ’s love in action. Your support can help the workers be love in these four important ways:
1. Our Community Development projects build lasting solutions to poverty for entire communities.
2. Our Child Sponsorship program assists children to break down the barriers of poverty – for themselves and their whole community.
3. Our work in disaster saves lives before, during and after a disaster strikes.
4. We stand with the oppressed and marginalized and advocate for a more just world.
Since the beginning of our first Child Sponsorship program in 1974, Baptist World Aid has remained committed to loving children living in poverty.
We focus especially on children because we believe that it is children who are most impacted by poverty. If children are to enjoy the fullness of life God intends, they need to grow up in safe and nurturing communities where their voices are heard. They need to have the opportunity to go to school. And they need to have families who can keep them fed, sheltered and healthy.
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