Why do we believe what we believe?

These holidays are based a lot around memorials and the focus of death. We remember the Anzacs and the many lives that were lost (given) to fight for our country and people’s freedom over many years and wars. The sacrifice of these people and the families of those who fought is huge, but because of their gallant efforts, we as Australians have been blessed with relative peace from war and social atrocities related to the aftermath of political and social unrest. We remember and we say thank you for those that freely gave and continue to give and serve.

We also remember over the Easter weekend the most important death of all history… That of God’s only sinless son who came and walked amongst us, and then suffered the worst death possible, as a sacrifice for each one of us. Separated from his father (God), he took on all our sin and deserved punishment upon the cross and gave his own life for each of us. As a result of Jesus and his death, although we may face an earthly death—we no longer have to fear death as he has conquered it and fought the battle for us if we are willing to confess our sin and accept the greatest
gift of freedom he has given us (1 Peter 3:18-22 & Romans 8).

We are all faced with the loss of loved ones from this earth… most recently that which has impacted our church family is that of our Pastor Paul’s beloved wife Alison. At the memorial service we acknowledged her magnificent life here on earth and the many people that she impacted whilst she walked her race. We mourn her loss from this earth but because of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, we can celebrate knowing that she, and any others who believe and trust in in our almighty God have a freedom and hope that death on this earth can never take away. We do not celebrate death but his resurrection and overcoming of death and Satan’s grasp on our lives. HE IS RISEN AND ALIVE FOREVER MORE and because of that fact we are able to …celebrate our freedom and everlasting hope for the future.
– Sharon Drown
Bible Reading John 20-29

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