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Geraldton Baptist Church (GBC) has a growing passion to help people say ‘Yes’ to Jesus. To do this more effectively we are seeking to build a vital prayer culture; develop missional leaders; and experiment with extended family on mission together. Geraldton has often been seen as a desert for young adults of faith in Jesus, but with God’s vision we are seeking to see that transformed into a vibrant young adult faith community. We aspire to be a community that reaches out to those who have fallen away from faith or who have never understood the good news of Jesus. As this occurs, this group will become role models and servants to the youth of this town and their families. To prepare them for the task, we desire to equip and invest in young adults who are committed to being living examples and lifelong learners of Jesus.

Internships at Geraldton Baptist run from February through to November. The internship schedule each week revolves around a day of training in leadership, discipleship, and mission. Alongside this teaching day, sits a ministry day each week for you to pioneer ways to impact the youth and young adult community of Geraldton. Involvement in our Sunday services, missions trips, and weekend retreats are all a part of the experience to stretch you to new places of faith and action. The community you develop as a FORM team will be one of the most transformative aspects of your Internship as you support and inspire one another. Finally, finding part-time work in the community of Geraldton will provide for your physical needs, but also connect you in day to day interactions with people just like you.

What is Form?

Geraldton Baptist has a partnership with churches in the Form Network in other parts of the world seeking to grow disciples, particularly amongst young adults. To find out what we are all working towards check out the international site.

About Geraldton

Geraldton is a regional ‘city’ located on a beautiful coastal reef about 450km’s north of Perth, Western Australia. With a population of 35,000, the region’s economy is centred on agriculture (grain and sheep), mining and commercial fishing. Sport is the chief recreation for young adults, including water sports like windsurfing, fishing and surfing alongside a huge range of sub-culture interests for a relatively small population. The weather is very mild to warm most of the year with a cooling breeze in the summer months. Geraldton is the regional hub of the Midwest of WA (450,000 square km’s) where many service providers for the region are located.

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Contact: Pastor Craig Palmer 0409 573 277 or [email protected]