Proverbs – Work

W ho remembers ‘A Bug’s Life’? Great kid’s flick wasn’t it? Interestingly, it was a take off from one of Aesop’s Fables—the Grasshopper and the Ant. Do you remember the story? I’ll share it with the kids this afternoon. But a bigger question for us is ‘How is Aesop’s Fable different from Solomon’s Proverbs?’

Aesop (~600BC) spun a story about a lazy grasshopper and a diligent, prudent ant, and left us with a good moral: ‘It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.’
Solomon (~1000BC) teaches the sluggard among us (or in us!) to take a lesson from the ant: ‘they labour hard all summer, gathering food for winter’.
Prov. 6:8

Apart from a few details in the story, the story sounds very similar: ‘work hard, exercise diligence, prepare today, for tomorrow’. So Aesop’s fable = Solomon’s proverbs, right? Wrong! There is a vitally important, fundamental difference for us to heed. If all we hear from Solomon’s wisdom today is an Aesop-like moral, then we have misheard Solomon, and seriously misheard the Scriptures. The truth is that to be truly wise, we need something far more that Aesop’s moral lesson. Let’s tease that out today.
Pastor Paul

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