A Spiritual Journey

Stocktake. ‘Wikipedia’ states about a stocktake that it is a ‘physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in a warehouse. It can be performed as an intensive annual check or may be done periodically’.

I wonder if it might be good for us today as we meet together again to have something of a ‘spiritual stocktake’. A lot has happened for us as a congregation, and for me personally over the last 3 months. It would be good for us to stop and have a group check up—how are we all faring? What’s God been doing in us through this time? What sort of spiritual condition are we in? How is our faith relationship with Him tracking? I’d like to share some of the things that God has been doing for me and saying to me over the last few weeks especially, and I’d love to hear what God has been doing among you as a congregation.

Alastair and Edith will be back with us this morning, so it is a fitting occasion to thank and honour them for the excellent role they have exercised among us, especially considering it was at such short notice and in such trying circumstances. What an excellent ministry and what a special couple!

Personally, its great to be back with you all today, and it is a privilege to be worshipping our gracious, sovereign God together again. Thank you for your welcome home. Let’s take stock and move forward in confident expectation of God’s presence and blessing.
-Pastor Paul

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