The Complete Package

Have you ever had a salesman try to convince you that your life is simply incomplete without their product? I remember a very earnest and diligent young vacuum cleaner salesman, who would have been the pride of his employer I’m sure, but was definitely over-zealous in his style and somewhat unbalanced in his conviction of the surpassing value of his treasured product. I actually repeated back to him for clarification ‘So you’re telling me that unless I buy your vacuum cleaner, my life is not complete, is that right?’ It was a little difficult to hold the giggle back.

It seems that the Colossae Christians had some spiritual equivalent doing the rounds in their town. ‘Oh, that’s really nice for you to have a relationship with Jesus, but unless you get in on what I’m offering, your spiritual life will be always lacking complete fullness.’ How do you answer that sort of intimidation? Listen to the message from the apostle Paul this morning, he is emphatic—‘Christ is completely God, and you are complete in Him!’

Pastor Paul

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