Remember the Sabbath

Here’s our next FAQ:

‘Remember the Sabbath’ (4th commandment) – I don’t understand why all the commandments are upheld by Christians except this one—well, to the extent outlined in Ex. 20:8 anyway. I know Jesus came to fulfil the law and we are saved by grace and not the law, yet we still uphold the other commandments, but not this one fully, i.e.; six days you shall labour and do all your work but on the 7th day you shall do no work as this is a holy day. Gen. 2:2,3 God rested from all work of creating and he blessed the 7th day and made it holy. Isaiah 58—talks about not going our own way and doing as we please, but honouring God’s holy day.

I know we are not to be legalistic about this, but where do we draw the line? Is paid work (for wages) on a Sunday acceptable? Or are we putting money before God instead of obeying this command and putting our trust in him to provide. If it’s not ok to do a paid job—are we then being hypocritical when we purchase goods on a Sunday? … Is it a case of ‘what our itching ears’ want to hear? I really struggle with this one because I do not want to dishonour God by going my own way, but I’m not sure what’s in and what’s out?

Pastor Paul

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