Sin – Sound Doctrine 1

Today we are going to pick up our series again inTitus. We commenced it at the start of last term,but I want to take a slightly different focus now to finish it off.

Over the next four messages (just to see the term out), I want to slow down and examine only the section in Titus 3:3-8. The old apostle includes two brilliant and condensed theological passages in his brief letter to Titus that spell out something of what he means when he refers to ‘sound doctrine’. The first was in 2:11-15 which Alastair preached on when he spoke of ‘the bridge from here to there’. The second is the passage at the start of chapter 3. Both are dense and pithy, full of strong, sturdy teaching about God and his saving grace.

In fact, in this section (3:3-8), I think we can discover 4 distinct elements of Christian teaching which are ‘sound’ but unsavoury, ‘trustworthy’ but seldom trusted, ‘profitable’ but unpopular, ‘excellent’ but repellent to our base human nature. But as unpopular as they may be today, it is essential that we come to grips with these truths and see them outworked into our spiritual lives.

May the Lord bless us with his word as we examine the first of these today!

Pastor Paul

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