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We are going to commence a new series this morning in our Sunday morning teaching for this term. I’ve chosen the brief letter from the old apostle Paul to his younger colleague in the gospel—Titus. Titus has been left by Paul on the Island of Crete, which sounds at first hearing like a holiday. A remote island in the Mediterranean Sea? Just below all those idyllic Greek islands? Wow! 100 cities, mountainous terrain, sheltered bays, crystal clear sea water, 255kms long, 55kms wide—that all sounds like an invitation to an one extended holiday adventure: fishing, exploring, swimming, hiking, what a blast! And all under the guise of doing ‘gruelling gospel ministry’. I’m keen! Anyone else?

But then we start to get the idea of what the locals on Crete were actually like, some of the dangers afoot across the island, the size of the job that Titus had, and second thoughts emerge. Maybe it won’t be such a holiday after all. Why was Titus there? What was his charter from the seasoned apostle? What were the challenges facing him in doing gospel ministry in this seemingly idyllic location?

We’re going to dive in to this little letter today and begin to open up it’s significance for us. May God use his word to bless and guide us.

Pastor Paul

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