Spot & Stop a Korah rebellion – Unhappy Campers 5

dusty_bibleDriving back from Perth on Wednesday morning (after attending an excellent conference on preaching at Vose Seminary over Monday and Tuesday), I tuned in to Radio National and heard Michael Cathcart (‘Books and Arts Daily’ weekdays at 10am) comment about the popularity of ‘Writer’s Festivals’ today. He mentioned that he has been attending a number of writer’s festivals lately, and he has been surprised by the way the public is showing so much interest in coming to these festivals to meet the author behind the book.

The thought occurred to me, and struck me with some force as it came, that every Sunday should be akin to a ‘Writer’s Festival’ at GBC. We want to be a place – do we not? – where people are invited to come along and not only read the Book, but also meet the Author behind the Book. We don’t want to fall into the mistake, on the one hand, of seeking the Author without the Book – that is a dangerous, groundless, spiritual ‘lala’ land. Nor, on the other hand, do we want to only attend to the Book and ignore the Author – that is a ‘religious’ rejection of God. We want both—attend to the Book and meet the Author. The Author promises to be here with us each time we gather in His name, as revealed by Him in His Book.

Pastor Paul

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