We Exist – Maturing

This is week 2 of a 3 week series looking at the mission statement of GBC and its connection with the Great Commission and Great Commandment. Asking again the question – why are we here? what has God got for us? why do WE EXIST as a Church?

One way of centring out thoughts why WE EXIST as a church is to take up the challenge to engage the book of Matthew over August – 28 chapters in 28 days (grab a little card from the foyer as a reminder).

Ask yourself the question  – how do we see Jesus building the foundation of a worshipping, maturing, and missional group of people that ultimately became the Church?

mattWe all learn in different ways. So here are 3 ways to engage into Matthew:
Read: Hard copy or online, app
Listen: Audio – cd, tape (you might still have it somewhere J), online or apps like YouVersion
Watch: Full versions of the text dramatized (B grade but still helpful) – Youtube The Gospel of Matthew (NIV version)




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