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Being Church in response to COVID-19

A Common journey

As the Covid-19 pandemic limits our gatherings the leadership at GBC have decided to stop our normal Sunday service gatherings (beginning this weekend 22nd March) and centre our energies on making our Sunday service resources available to everyone. This will enable each household to take a common journey of faith during this time. Each Sunday from 10am we will providing online links to include local content like a message from God’s word, prayer, questions for reflection and music for you to engage with. You can do this by yourself or join with friends, family, life groups to make use of these materials together.

We will start simple and build over time as we become more able to add value to this space.

In addition, each Wednesday there will be content to encourage and inspire us to be all that God calls us to as his people. 

You will find an archive of all these Online Church Services at the bottom of this page


We are built for relationship. Let’s encourage each other, spurring each other to love and good deeds. (Heb 10:24-25)

Already in a midweek group? Make a connection with your existing life group/missional community leader.

Touch base with someone within the church community (text, call, email, visit)

Not in a midweek group but want to get linked in? Follow the link: Life Groups and Missional Communities

 Care for our community

Who can you be a neighbour to? (Luke 10:25-37; Matt 25:31-40)

  • Practical care can include offering to shop for someone who is isolated.
  • Caring for people emotionally or spiritually might be asking about how they are coping with the change and if they have a plan to stay healthy.

May we be a community of believers in Jesus that is truly helping people to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus at this unique time in history. 

For any further questions or concerns please contact Craig  Palmer (Pastor) on 0409573277 or craig.palmer@geraldtonbaptist.org.au


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